Microdata has developed in co-operation with HF Frequency Managers FIELDPLOT software package for HF-broadcasting planning.

The software package consists of user interface, ITU-R Rec. 533 propagation prediction method, ITU-R Rec. 705 antenna calculation method, ITU-R Rec. 842 reliability calculation using ITU-R Rec. 1615 DSB/DRM protection ratios, plotting programs and additional software. Field Strength, Signal-to-Interference, MUF and Basic and Overall Reliability contours can be plotted for wanted target area.
Also compatibility calculations can be made between wanted transmission and all co-channel and adjacent channel transmissions or any wanted sub-set of those. The results are plotted as Overall Reliability Contours.

The frequency hours of all transmissions or single Administration, Frequency Managing Organisation or Broadcaster can be calculated and any Schedule can be printed.

In the new version 8.0 also Field-Strength, S/I and Reliability contours can be plotted also on Google Earth map.The software package is easy to install with WINDOWS installation program. The latest version is FIELDPLOT 8.0 and it runs under all WINDOWS.